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Monas (Crafts award Galicia)

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black walnut

Finish: oil/wax


An invitation to contemplation ...

​The Greek word "monas" (Greek "uovas") means "one". For the philosopher and mathematician Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) "monas" represents the smallest possible unit in geometry (the point) and in physics (the atom). And yet, in an astrological sense "monas" reflects the smallest possible unit as well as its unity with the entire universe. The smallest of natural objects is a microcosm that shows the astrological influence of the macrocosm. Each "monkey" represents the entire universe. With the flower press "Monas" I make an invitation to contemplate at a time when it is crucial to activate the relationships between the micro and the macro. Climate change is the event of our present that most urgently challenges us, individually and collectively, to restore the balance between the big and the small in search of sustainable ways of life. Artisans, thanks to the resources we use and the way we transform them, are productive and social agents who can and must inspire paths for this restoration. With "Monas" I not only deliver a 100% sustainable artisanal product in terms of the use of resources and its form of production, but with it I offer the user an "observation tool" with which to relearn and reconnect with lost relationships between the micro and the macro.

​This flower press was awarded the galician crafts award 2019

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