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One note samba

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chestnut /galicia

Finish: oil/wax


"One note samba" based on chair#3, "tracing the origin of a contemporary classic", made from local chestnut. It was awarded first price at the Antonio Fraguas Fraguas crafts award 2020.

The Galician woods available and suitable for making furniture are pine and chestnut. However theses species are used mainly for the construction or manufacture of rustic furniture. More noble species such as walnut or oak have a very limited availability here. In this sense, "One note samba" is a reference to a song by Antônio Carlos Jobim in which the author begins his composition from a series of notes with a single basic tone that derive throughout the song in different tones with a melody rich in detail and emotion. My intention has been to start from the limitations of the Galician chestnut to overcome them in the artisan process emulating the spirit of Jobim.

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