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Plenary table

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European oak

Finish: oil/wax


Plenary table for the council of the historic town of Corcubión, Costa da Morte, Galicia.

To propose the design of the piece, the plenary table has been considered in its functional and symbolic specificity. Taking into account, mainly, this table as the one that unites the political representatives in the plenary session and as the one that mediates in the meetings where decisions are made for the future of a community. The design therefor had to be based on elements of the Galician culture that are common, unquestionable and irrevocable. Following are the main elements that have been taken into account:

- Castro castrexe because it refers to the prehistoric settlements of the ancestral Galician-Celtic cultural influences. This is the basis that gives shape to the table.

- Wooden ship building because it refers to the traditional ways of construction of Galician vessels. In this case it is taken to give the constructive structure to the table.

- The oak wood because it refers to an indigenous natural resource, considered sacred by the Celts and whose attributes were among others: life, strength, wisdom, nobility, family, loyalty, power, longevity, heritage and honor. In this case it is taken as raw material for the table.

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