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Storage unit for utopia

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Foto: WWBB

Black walnut

Finish: oil/wax


Storage unit for utopia, working on a revolution. A "pandemic project"

Dear neighbours!

I leave you a gift!

For the first time in the history of humanity, we as a whole have come to stop. All over the planet people stay in their homes, in isolation.

Thinking about our reality becomes inevitable and common. For our thoughts and ideas to thrive and to help them be implemented we need the contact that is currently impossible for us.

At this time there is no other projection surface than ourselves. In order for these ongoing projections , thoughts and reflections not to be lost, since they are so important for our future, I have modeled this house: so small that it fits in a matchbox and so large that it can accommodate the thoughts and reflections of the whole world. In it we can keep and safeguard them until we are free. Then we must implement them in order to create a new world. A world with meaning. I give you one of these houses, so you can carry it in your pocket, put it on your desk or in front of the mirror to serve as a resource when creating world ...

all the best!


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